I am a computer software architect by trade and dabble with tube audio and speaker projects as my main hobby. Whilst I have built quite ambitious projects successfully my design skills are limited as is my theory.
I am glad to see you concentrate on the basic building blocks. The only person I am aware of in coming close to your education efforts is Bruce Rozenblit with his books and circuit publications. Allen Wright is fun but obviously more profit oriented.
Again congratulations and thanks,

Our view is that the why of a design is more important than the how. It turns out that many more tube fans want to know more about the basics than we would have ever guessed.  // editor

Subject: Web-zine

Thank you all for starting the web-zine.  I'm a long time listener first time DIYer and need all the help I can get.  I personally enjoy doing the math and want to know why components are placed where they are, how to determine if they're required and how you size them.  I have a friend who has built about 10 things (line stages, phono stages, amps, etc.) but all from other people's designs.  When it doesn't work he can't fix it and has to contact the designer for direction.

I'm having a problem viewing your web sites.  All of the graphics appear overlaid on the text.  This is happening on GlassWare and the Tube Journal site.  It makes it impossible for me to read. I tried printing a page and the same thing happens.

I know you're not a help desk for web browser problems but can you tell how to fix it?  Is it my browser (Netscape) in general or do I need to set some option to view your site?



The webzine is now published at the lowest setting of web browser complexity. We wish it were otherwise, but as most web surfers are using type 3 browsers, we will have to forgo some of the fancier options. If you are experiencing any difficulties in viewing this site, please let us know.  // editor

Subject: Hello

   Always appreciate your circuits with comprehensive explanations! I'd like to request a balanced line stage preamplifier that uses:

1. Both (+) AND (-) B supply voltage.
2. Subminiature tubes like 6111, 6112, or 5719 which is the
    last tube generation.
3. Would be even more interesting with subminiature  phono

Thank you again for a great site.


Thank you and everyone else for the complements. Next issue will resume the balanced audio thread. We will outline a very simple balanced line stage amplifier. Here is something to ponder: what if we gave up common mode rejection as a design goal for all of out balanced circuits, save for the output transformer? Could there be an advantage?  // editor

Subject: Tube CAD Journal

   I'm enjoying the first two issues of the Journal very much: thanks for a job well done. I found the SE noise-reduction article especially interesting, thanks.
   One note of constructive criticism if I may: there is no such thing as a paraphrase phase splitter, it is paraphase. "Paraphrase" is a word which means to summarize or adapt the words of another without quoting them directly. Anywhere else I have read about phase splitters, the word used is "paraphase."


Oops. Oh, the perils of auto-spell checking. // editor

Subject: Congratulations

Hi there,
Just a note to congratulate you on the very fine work you are doing for the audio hobbyist fraternity. Both your commercial software products and your new e-zine are outstanding as is your web site.
I can't wait to print it out to study it in detail.

pg. 10


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