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17 January 2009

New and Slightly Improved
The PS-1 regulator PCBs were part of the shipment; but now the boards are in revision B. I made the PCB half an inch taller, which allowed a fatter heatsink to be used. In general, a fat, short heatsink is better than a tall, skinny heatsink. The intrinsic thermal resistance of the metal is effectively placed in parallel in a fat heatsink; in series, a tall heatsink. The upshot is that the PS-1 regulator now holds the same Aavid Thermalloy 529802B02500G heatsink that the Janus and H-PS-1 regulators use. This chubby heatsink boasts a thermal resistance of only 3.7, based on a 75°C rise in natural convection.

A = 38.10mm, B = 18.29mm, C = 3.17mm

The extra half an inch also makes a fatter adjustment-pin capacitor possible. Below, we see the new boards from front and back. I have been using this new regulator since Wensday to make sure nothing went wrong in the revision. Nothing did.

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Next Time
More new kits and PCBs; and I hope to return to power-booster amplifiers.







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E-mail from GlassWare customers:

Mr Broskie,

I bought an Aikido stereo linestage kit from you some days ago, and I received it just this Monday. I have a few things to say about it. Firstly, I'm extremely impressed at the quality of what I've been sent. In fact, this is the highest quality kit I've seen anywhere, of anything. I have no idea how you managed to fit all this stuff in under what I paid for it. Second, your shipping was lightning-quick. Just more satisfaction in the bag, there. I wish everyone did business like you.

Sean H.


Hi John,

I received the Aikido PCB today - thank you for the first rate shipping

Wanted to let you know that this is simply the best PCB I have had in my hands, bar none. The quality is fabulous, and your documentation is superb. I know you do this because you love audio, but I think your price of $39 is a bit of a giveaway! I'm sure you could charge double and still have happy customers.

Looking forward to building the Aikido, will send some comments when I'm done!

Thank you, regards,

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